RYD WITH US... A short story

December 17, 2021 3 min read

RYD WITH US... A short story

Aah the life of a surfer… always hard to explain to those who haven’t been bitten by the surfing bug. But once it does, it’s a feeling we spend the rest of our lives chasing after. But not in a selfish kinda way, because we’ve realised that doing this surfing life with mates is double the fun. And that’s why we exist - to impact people for good by humbly spreading the stoke and joy of surfing. 

And something magical happens when you share joy… it has a way of duplicating itself. Smiling is infectious, and we’ve found that riding waves with friends — no matter your age, ability, gender, or background — always brings a smile to your face, despite what how good (or bad) the surf is!


Our life is centred around the ocean, adventure, fun, exploration, and our tribe. And that’s what surfing does… it helps you find your tribe. When you find your tribe, you find your people. There are no pretences here, everyone is welcome. We’ve got world longboard champions, World Championship Tour and Challenger Series surfers, surf school owners, mums, dads, and kids that all call RYD home.

It’s the fun that binds us! And the comradery that keeps us together.


We don't care what board you ride… as long as you're getting out there.More options always means more fun and it's never too late to learn! So, if you’re road tripping with a mate, skating to check the surf or riding party waves with your posse - we hope the waves are good where you are.

And we know everyone has a story. That’s why we like to hang out late into the night after a long day in sun, sharing our experiences with others around the fire. We know there’s more to those glamourous social media posts… and in this fast-paced life… we like to slow things right down and focus on the things that matter. Community.

Our tribe is our family, so we listen more than we speak. We weren’t meant to do life alone.


We know that surfing is good for the soul! So, we don’t mind giving a few waves away either. Stoking someone else out, stokes us out too! We love that feeling of rinsing life’s worries off in the ocean, spending time in creation can be a straight up mood-changer! 

On a planet that’s seen its fair share of challenges recently – we like to focus on the positive side of life! There’s so much to be thankful for, and we like to remind each other of this… often. That’s why we subscribe to the ‘when in doubt, paddle out’ theory (unless its way past our experience level) – but let’s face it, we’re riding waves for fun… and that’s reason enough to be grateful. And when we’re doing it with friends, well, our minds get a little blown on how good life really is!


At the end of the day, we just love passing on that stoke and making people smile. It’s a simple mission and an easy one to get out of bed for. Surfing = Fun = Happiness, and we think that is something to be shared.


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