Travel Accessories

Going surfing is one thing, but getting your equipment there and back safely can provide a headache or two if we’re not properly prepared. Sure you can chuck everything in the boot of the car and maybe get to your destination a little quicker, but once you’re there and the waves are firing, spending another 10 minutes trying to find it all again is time you could have spent catching your first wave!

Getting your boards on the roof will free up space in the back of your car, help you bring a mate along for the ride and give you the opportunity to do the right thing; keep your boot neat, tidy and organised so you can maximise your time in the water. 

What can you expect to find in this category that’ll help your cause? Everything you need to get your boards to the beach and back safely — roof rack pads in various shapes and sizes, tie down straps to lock your precious cargo down and portable travel racks to fit a quiver of boards if you don’t have roof racks fitted to your car!  

And we don’t particularly like getting changed out of our wetsuits on gravel or sandy car parks either, so you’ll find a cool change mat in there too.

Hook yourself up with RYD Travel Accessories

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