Foundry (Large) THRUSTER - Carbonflex Black


Carbon Flex
Foundry Large Raked

Our Alt Range uses composite materials. That's just a fancy
term for saying we use two different types of material in
the fin construction that delivers, what we call a Carbon
Flex combination. You'll find carbon at the base of the fin
(the stiffness at the base helps with drive and control) and
a honeycomb fabrication for the rest of the fin (giving the
fin the ability to flex above the stiff base). This is a great
all-round construction option offering drive and whip at
the right times.

"¢ Carbon Base
"¢ Fiberglass Design
"¢ Honeycomb Core
"¢ Double Flex Pattern

Height: 4.49 Inch
Base: 4.63 Inch
Area: 15.98 Inch
Foil: Flat
Height: 4.49 Inch
Base: 4.63 Inch
Area: 15.32 Inch
Foil: 50/50

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