Tabs 2 Piece Traction

TABS - Diamond Groove

The TABS traction is our self-named, no fuss two-tab/two-piece option. This style removes the middle arch bar and gives you a flat pad with a 25mm kick in the tail. Two pieces are easier to position on your board and is also a good option for the grom board or board with a narrower tail when placed together.

"¢ 2 Piece
"¢ 5mm thick
"¢ Width 350mm x Height 320mm
"¢ Tail Kick: Length 50mm x Height 25mm
"¢ Arch bar: Flat

One of our original performers, this tried and
trusted formula has been our go-to pattern
from the start. The 5mm height is cleverly
dispersed by the horizontal, diamond groove
design, allowing a greater connection to your
board without losing an ounce of grip when
you need it most.

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