Relic Store Launch

August 18, 2018 2 min read

Relic Store Launch

A proud partnership goes from strength-to-strength

On the same weekend as the Cobbles Classic, the man behind the event, Ryan Anderson,
launched his Relic Store.

Ryan is a well-known figure in the South African surf industry and has over two decades of
experience in the branded-clothing and footwear-and-accessories business as a brand
manager and agent for various intentional and local brands.
Over the past five years, he has combined this invaluable experience with his passion for
creative expressions (surfing, surfboard-making, music and fashion) to create the Loggers
Union business.

What started as a retro surfing movement, quickly gave birth to national surfing and music
events such as the Cobbles Classic, Jbay Loggers Classic and the Cape Recife Music
Festival. And from there, the natural progression was for Loggers Union to grow into a brand
with a range of retro-inspired surfboards, surfboard fins as well as a small basic clothing line.


Next steps

“We believe that it is now time for us to move into our own retail space named ‘Relic’,”
explains Ryan, of the next step in this evolutionary process. “Our vision to create a platform
to offer consumers an authentic and bespoke retail experience,” he says.

The store houses a mix of local and international brands - including a full range of RYD
products. However, the main goal is to stock a majority of locally-made merchandise. “The
sales of these products directly benefit local people and enrich the local economy,” Ryan

Joining Ryan in this venture is his partner Debbie, who will also be producing products such
as handmade jewellery, accessories and clothing under their own labels.


Go check it out

The next time you’re in the Eastern Cape, go say hi! The store is situated in the Baakens
Valley, an old industrial area of Port Elizabeth less than 1km from the PE Harbour.

The warehouses and factory buildings have seen a regeneration over the past few years,
with much restoration taking place. This area is fast becoming the creative hub of PE and it
is here that Ryan and Debbie have found the ideal retro-inspired space for the start of their
We wish them all the best and look forward to walking the road with them.

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