Smile Club

August 21, 2020 4 min read

Smile Club

Keep the surf stoke alive!

What we take out of our surfing experience is what keeps us going till the next session.

But some days we’re all so set on our own performance, our own territory and catching the best wave for ourselves. Even localism creeps up spreading negativity in and around the water, that we may sometimes lose our stoke.

We totally get secret spots and wanting to make the best of your surf sessions, but we also believe in creating a positive vibe in and out the water. Surfing is meant to be fun; an activity shared with mates and feeling that surf stoke while scoring good waves!

With the circumstances we face in 2020, there’s a new appreciation for life, a passion for getting out there, enjoying the ocean or just being able to hang with friends for a sunset cruise.

Apart from catching a few waves today we also caught up with some of our ambassadors and checked in on how they like to keep it upbeat in the water.

Caio Ibelli

Well known WSL pro surfer, Caio Ibelli is one of the most liked surfers on the planet and rates surfing as the ultimate thing in his life: “When I get into the water my greatest pleasure is to see my buddy catching the best wave or barrel right in front of me. This is what surfing is all about! Positive vibes in the water is to share the stoke of surfing."

True Starling

Tru Starling loves inspiring young groms to improve their surfing as well as building the female surfing community down under.

“Keeping the vibe fun and positive in the water is very important. My sister and I grew up with lots of encouragement down in Narrabeen and I would love to keep that up for the next generation of female (and guys too) surfers! I like to always encourage and support them – making sure they’re getting waves and having loads of fun. I also want to catch the best waves and do the best turns, so that I can inspire others to more. In the end it’s all about having a smile on your dial!”

Stevie Sawyer

Former world longboard champion, the soulful legend Stevie Sawyer is all about keeping the positive vibes flowing – in the shaping bay, on stage and in the water!

“I enjoy jumping on a fun board, preferably something with some more foam under my feet. I often find myself in a serious mood when I’m on the shorty as it’s a competitive sport, that’s why I started longboarding - foam is your friend! Also, if I find myself in a bit of an itch out there, I’ll change it up and go switch foot for a few waves – which brightens the mood instantly, taking me back to being a grom. Surfing can be a selfish sport; it’s finding your balance that makes you a great surfer!”

Emma Smith

Emma Smith’s backyard is the incredible righthand point of JBay! Things can get heated there, especially when the swell and tourists pull in at the same time, which is usually the case. This is how she keeps the stoke alive:

“Being out there in nature is such a privilege. The ocean is a powerful and humbling place to be in and when we all sit out there in the lineup looking like small penguins (with our wetsuits), I realise we’re all people, each with his/ her own story, coming from different walks of life. Everyone out there wants to escape – juggling their own battles and circumstances! Regardless of competing or not, it’s a lifestyle we all want to share in for generations to come. Keep the stoke by focusing on the bigger picture. Whether you get a wave or not, there’s a lot more to life than how you perform. Paddle with a smile and shift the focus to the faces. We have so much to be grateful for by just being able to surf!”

Tori Farmer

QS surfer, Tori Farmer looks at the bright side on the Sunshine Coast, believing that everything can be fixed with a laugh and a giggle!

“I find surfing with your friends always produces a fun environment! Getting a bunch of people together and hanging out while having a chat between waves is a pretty good way to create positive vibes! Paddling around with a smile on your face creates that good feeling we’re all after!”

Epenetos boys

Even passing on the inclusive surf stoke to the next generation can set the tone for change. This is what father and sons (the Epenetos boys from Cape Town) had to say:

“We love to spread the stoke in our community by teaching others (especially young groms) to surf and push themselves at improving in their surfing. We run a local surf initiative every Tuesday called West Coast Coolers. It’s all about sharing waves, helping others get to the backline and not to think of yourself as being more superior than others in the water”

There’s a lot of stoke going around with this bunch!

So, let’s play it cool by inviting everyone to join in on the fun. Aim to build a surfing community that inspires others to surf with passion, share waves, laugh together and pass on the stoke!

In the words of Tru Starling: Keep that smile on your dial!

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